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Let's celebrate in style.  Make an impression that will be remembered for years to come.   We have the rustic centerpiece for your next celebration. 

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Please check the calendar to make sure your date is available. 


You may pay in full below for all the items needed. A $250 deposit is required to reserve your date. Please see our cancelation policy and fully read our service agreement below.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

Service Agreement

Rolling Horse Bar Trailer Rental Agreement

This agreement between Rolling Horse Bar and Renter(s) as listed above is a binding agreement. Please read and fill out the information below carefully with the understanding of the terms and conditions of the trailer rental and any added accessories agreement. This agreement shall be binding to protect the owner and the renter should something happen during the rental period. The renter must sign the document BEFORE the trailer and accessories can be released to the renter(s). Rolling Horse Bar has the right to decline all/part of this agreement if there is any reasonable doubt that the renter is unable to fulfill his/her responsibilities. If agreement is cancelled by Rolling Horse Bar prior to release of trailer then any funds collected will be returned to renter.

Service Items Needed

Renter(s) agree to follow the policy below as it pertains to possible damage or breakage of the trailer and any accessories.

Renters must be 21 years of age or older to rent the trailer from Rolling Horse Bar. Proof of age will be verified from drivers license, passport or other State issued ID. You are renting a private trailer that has been converted into a beverage serving trailer. Renter agrees not to service anyone under the age of 21 from the trailer. Rolling Horse Bar recommends that all renters hire a licensed bartender. Renter is fully responsible for any claims, suits or incidents that may occur directly associated with the service of alcoholic beverages.

This is a contract for the rental of the trailer and any related accessories as indicated above. your rental date is not guaranteed until the $250 deposit is received. Deposit is due within 7 days of booking. Final payment must be received in full at least 2 weeks prior to event date. Failure to pay deposit within the 7 days may result in cancelation. Payments can be made via check, cash or credit card (3% service fee is added for card payments.

There is no refund for the cancelation of the rental. Renter acknowledges that we refused service to other interested parties for the event date listed at the time of this reservation. Therefore, neither the deposit nor final payment is refundable. We do understand unexpected situations and therefore will allow the deposit to be accepted for a one time rescheduling assuming there is another open rental date available for the renter within 12 months of the original rental date.

Smoking and Pets are NOT allowed inside the trailer. If cleaning is required for  either one of these items and additional charge will be deduced from the security deposit.

Rolling Horse Bar will deliver the trailer and accessories at the agreed upon time for the day of the event and will do a complete walk through of the trailer with the renter(s). Any damages to the trailer or accessories that are not identified by renter during walk through will be the responsibility of the renting party.

 If the trailer is returned with any damage, the renter is responsible to pay all damage costs even if the damage was caused by someone other than renter but was present at the renter's event.

Rolling Horse Bar will drop off and pick up the trailer at the address listed above. Trailer will be put into location chosen by renter unless area is unfit for parking due to slope or soil conditions. At no time will the renter be allowed to move or transport the trailer.  Renter may call the Rolling Horse Bar at anytime during the event should an issue arrive. We will do our best to answer any questions or remedy any concerns; however we will not be financially responsible should an issue arrive that cannot be resolved during the rental time period.

The following uses of the trailer are prohibited and constitute a breach of agreement. Renter agrees that the trailer will not be used:

a.) by anyone who is not listed above

b.) for any illegal purposes or any circumstance that could be charged as a crime or other violations.

c.) to transport any animals. 

d.) to commit willful, wanton, or reckless acts with the trailer.

The above paragraphs list agreements and breaches to this contract. If you breach this agreement, renter is liable for damages to, or loss, of the trailer caused by breach of the agreement. Renter waives all recourse against Rolling Horse Bar for any criminal or civil prosecution that may be taken against renter to collect for damages to the trailer.

Furthermore, the renter releases Rolling Horse Bar, our agents and employees from all claims of loss, or damage to your personal property or that of any other person, handles or stored, or that was left or carried in or on the trailer or in any service vehicle whether or not the loss or damage was cause by our negligence or was otherwise our responsibility.

By signing this document the renter(s) fully understands the terms and conditions listed by Rolling Horse Bar for the rental of the trailer and any accessories. Any portion of the policy that is broken will result in breach of contract and the owner of Rolling Horse Bar has full rights to cancel or collect for all losses.

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